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New app from Google to make payments for indian users with reviews

Tez app payment deatils

Tez app mainly for Indian users

Make all payments big or small, directly from your bank account with Tez

Presenting new payment app with "audio QR" technology is "Tez"( means fast). Now people can transfer the money using sounds to pair two devices and its called"cash mode option", Here negotiate connection using audio to identify the payer and payee.(The sounds should be inaudible to human ears though because they’re sent using ultrasonic frequencies, according to the Financial Times.)Its same as cash payment, Where dont need to share any phone number or personal details or any bank details.This Tez app works with ny phone with a mic and speaker and Tez app installed.Google’s Audio QR technology is similar to Chirp, which also sends data encoded in ultrasonic audio.Mainly Tez step beyond Android Pay, because it allows users to link payment apps from Indian banks — it works with all of the country’s 55 banks on India’s.

Tez app is available and usability

1.iOS, and supports various local languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. To register, it asks for your mobile number associated with your bank accounts to set up the app.
2.Once you entered phone number, app sends an SMS from your number to bank to get UPI access. It creates a fresh UPI ID for you and links it to the Google account. On Android, the Google Account is selected by default as the one used on your phone, but you can change the ID by logging into the other account; the ID will be linked to one Google Account only. On iPhone, users are prompted to sign into their Google Accounts manually.
3.app creates a new UPI ID, or VPA, by getting the name from the Gmail ID. You can't use your existing VPA with Google Tez app if you have one.
4.Once UPI enabled on that bank account you will be prompted to enter the UPI PIN. Then account will setup for ready to use.
5.It has finger print locking and pin setup option to keep your account safely.
6.As incentivise from Tez app Rs 51 for referring new users to use the app.

Visit Tez app website for installation and use


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