Introduction for income vs expenses

Expense V/s Income

We are all human; we must know that without money can’t move even a small things. I guess all of us experienced the situation and know the power of money.Here i am going tell few things about Expense V/s Income,

Expense : Credit card, Loans etc

If the person is working or if person is getting some good income from few source, Sure will get many calls from banks and third party loan providers for Credit card, Loans etc.

Here is the clarity: You are getting that for what?

Think before you take,

Because if you get the credit card, Sure you will increase your expense. Because you have Option to spend, But one thing keep in mind that you are doing expense and loan also same.

Income : investments

If you have taken any credit card or any loans, Invest on shares by the right suggestion or hunt For right way to investment. Once you invest the money , That has generate the money. Means if you invest Rs 100 today, That has to be double in short period like 3 or 6 months or highest 1 Year.


Do not increase expense, This will spoil happiness and peace in life.

Increase investment, This will give happiness and peace in life.

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